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Stella & Chewys
Pet Food & Supplies

Welcome to your one-stop pet shop where we stock only the healthiest and highest quality pet foods! Whether you prefer kibble, canned, gently cooked, or raw options, we've got you covered. If there's something specific you're looking for that we don't currently carry, please don't hesitate to let us know. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do!

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Self-Service Washing Stations

Our self-service dog washing stations offer a hassle-free solution for keeping your furry friends clean! We provide aprons, shampoo/conditioner, powerful grooming dryers, and soft towels for your convenience. Say goodbye to the stress of washing at home and welcome to Wagging Tails bathing stations!

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Nail Trimming & Dremel
Nail and Dremel Service

At Wagging Tails, we prioritize nail care for your beloved dogs and cats! It is crucial for maintaining their foot and leg health as they develop. Additionally, it helps minimize the noise they make while scampering around your home!  Schedule your appointment at the store here today!

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Full Pet Grooming Services

At Wagging Tails, we are thrilled to offer complete pet grooming services to spoil your furry friends! We truly understand the importance of regular pet grooming in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your cherished furry companions. Not only does grooming help in detecting and preventing potential health issues, but it also aids in calming and desensitizing dogs with anxiety or high stress levels. Rest assured, your furry pals will leave Wagging Tails not just looking and smelling fantastic, but also with a big smile on their face! :) 

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About Us

Our Mission With Wagging Tails Pet Shop

In a world where many retail pet shops are transitioning to more of a digital experience, the connected customer experience remains at the heart of Wagging Tails Pet Shop. We are a boutique pet shop dedicated to providing your beloved pets with the highest quality foods, supplies, supplements, services, and bathing stations, ensuring their health and leaving them with a delightful scent! Moreover, we are committed to preserving the local small business personalized connection, ensuring that you never feel like an unsupported customer with a large online retailer.

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Our Goal

To Best Serve our Customers and Their Furry Loved Ones!

Our clients are at the core of Wagging Tails and will always be.  We want to ensure your pets health and hygiene by providing our furry friends with the highest quality nutritious foods on the market.  Whether it's a kibble, canned, gently cooked, or raw diet we will work with you to make sure your pet is on the best option.  If you don't see a brand/product please let us know!  Furthermore, our pet washing stations are designed to keep your animals clean without the hassle of doing this at home, and the high costs of a professional groomer.

We Are

Dedicated to your pets!

Your pets health, hygiene and general care is of the utmost importance to Wagging Tails Pet Shop.  We are dedicated to best serving them and staying close to our customers within the local communities.

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What's Wagging Tails Saying?

The first Wagging Tails Blog Post!  Given this was our first post ever we figured to keep it slightly different than what most posts will be focused on, i.e. (Pet food, Supplies & Services).  Given will have plenty of time for that, let's first provide insight into why we're starting on this adventure, why now, and this crazy dream/goal of ours!

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The Owners